Upstream Fund


ISHI Upstream Fund resources support ideas that will make lasting changes in policies or systems to help residents find safe and healthy housing and help residents at risk of losing their home/apartment/housing. Examples of policies that impact a housing development or the city or state to make housing more stable or affordable include the following:

  • Policies to increase community control over land use and development through changes to planning and zoning policies and practices

  • Policies to increase renter and homeowner protections to maintain and expand long-term access to affordable housing

Inquiry of Ideas (IOI)

This is a request to gather IDEAS from the Boston community regarding what HOUSING policies and systems should be changed and how. The ideas collected will help to focus a future funding opportunity being developed by ISHI.

This Inquiry for IDEAS opportunity is the first step in designing a grantmaking process that is responsive to the needs of the community, rather than employing the traditional process of soliciting competitive proposal submissions. The IDEAS submitted will inform a future funding opportunity focused on UPSTREAM issues to create solutions to the present housing crisis in Boston. All ISHI funding opportunities are designed to support populations at risk of losing housing or those who seek safe and healthy housing. 

Total Grant Funds: $927,800 over three years

Award Amount: TBD

IOI Application Deadline: Extended to Monday, July 22, 2019

Questions: Amanda Ayers, Health Resources in Action,