Casa Myrna Vasquez

Contact Information:

Casa Myrna delivers solutions to end domestic and dating violence through intervention, awareness, and prevention. They provide culturally competent and trauma-informed emergency shelter and critical supportive services for adults, youth and families who are homeless due to domestic violence. Casa Myrna provides the tools survivors and their children need to recover from abuse and begin to build sustainable economic stability.

Communities served:

  • Families with children

  • Survivors of violence including domestic violence, community violence, human trafficking, and sexual assault

  • People with a criminal offender record (CORI)

  • Individuals or families with mixed status

Casa Myrna plans to support the following service gaps with ISHI dollars:

  • Broker fees, first/last/security

  • Moving expenses for relocation, such as movers, truck rental or storage

  • Living expenses that exceed monthly budget after rent or mortgage is paid, such as food, health care, transportation or childcare

  • Gap funding for living expenses while seeking alternative housing. For example, when a survivor cannot afford to leave or the abuser, who is paying half the rental costs and living expenses, decides to leave the family

  • Additional resources for those who have exceeded limits on other stabilization funding resources, like RAFT

  • Specific challenges to housing stability faced by undocumented immigrants

Casa Myrna can disperse money to individuals or families within 2-7 business days.